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Lessons from past for the future

I recently watched a four part discussion between Jordan Peterson and Sam Harris where they discussed religion and the use of it for future.

Jordan wants to take away the good and ignore the bad and what does not apply in 21st century. However, Sam believes that we will be better off without any religion.

I agree with Jordan and on some points I felt that Sam did not take any time to go deeper into the books and quoted wrong books from Hinduism to compare with Bible and other religious books thus making his point strong.

We first need to recognize that once humans are feed , clothed and satisfied with reasonable and immediate bodily urges then the real problem of wisdom starts as we start exploring then.

Our ancestors have spent enormous amount of time to put down some observations and are still valid. Large parts of Indian Vedic books for example Upanishads and Bhagwat Gita are extremely effective even now. Some points regarding the karma where Krishna told Arjuna that you should always perform your duty first. if you are a fighter then you should fight, if you have some other job then you should do that as your ultimate path to reach enlightenment. However , this was interpreted incorrectly in India in last couple of centuries where Cast system led to a situation that was similar to slavery.

So, the problem is the interpretation. Just like we humans can make amazing things with two hands and also make things that can be very harmful. it`s all in how we interpret.

I also feel that the power exerted by the most powerful beings on the planet upon everyone at this time makes me fear for a world where we don`t have access to such immense wisdom from the past and if we start to get rid of Certain books then we might get to a Brave new world where books are banned for a certain population

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